Data practices


We act with integrity in all that we do.

To our customers and partners:

eFunds is committed to collecting and using the most accurate and complete data available in the information solutions we provide. By working with reputable partners who share our commitment to integrity and acknowledging the impact of our decision tools on consumers, we help improve your competitive position and further your business objectives.

To the consumer:

eFunds strives to ensure the data we manage is secure, accurate, complete, and conveniently accessible to you. We maintain an open dialogue both to resolve disputes and to educate our customers, you, and ourselves on the usefulness and effectiveness of our products.

To our associates:

At eFunds, our products have the potential to affect consumers in many ways. As the individuals who make up eFunds, we must each understand how our business impacts individual consumers and strive to maintain internal data systems that are accurate, secure, confidential, responsive, and compliant.