The Question: field indicates the challenge question that you would like to answer from the drop-down list next to this  field. The challenge questions in the list are as follows:

·          What are the last four digits of the social security number?

·          What is the name of your favorite pet?

·          What is your city of birth?

·          What is your favorite beverage?

·          What is your favorite food?

·          What is your favorite hobby or pastime?

·          What is your favorite movie?

·          What is your favorite radio station (number on the dial - NNNN)?

·          What is your favorite restaurant?

·          What is your favorite television show?

·          What is your favorite vacation spot?

·          What is your mother's maiden name (last-surname)?

·          What was the name of a favorite childhood pet?

·          What were the make and model of your first car?

·          Who is your favorite actor, actress or celebrity?

·          Who is your favorite author?


·          From time to time the list of challenge questions must be updated.

·          You must select three different challenge questions and enter your responses. The responses to the challenge questions on record identify you in case you forget your Password.

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