EBTMerchant Services Tab

The EBTMerchant Services Tab page displays links to the following EBT Merchant services that you have permission to view or update:

·          Merchant Information

·          Merchant Contract

·          Merchant Deposits

·          Clear Voucher

·          Supply Requests


Click the Open link next to the service to view or update the relevant information that displays.


To access the EBTMerchant Services Tab page:

1.      Click the Services tab from any of the EBT Merchant pages
Click the List All link next to the Services section in the EBTMerchant Home Tab page. The EBTMerchant Services Tab page displays.


The page also displays the following tabs:

·          Home

·          Services

·          Documentation

·          Help Topics

·          News


Click the desired tab to view the relevant information that displays in detail.


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