EBT Merchant Services

The EBT Merchant page displays various services for the merchant.


To access the merchant page:


In the EBT Merchant Log In page:

1.      Enter your valid email ID in the User ID field.

2.      Enter your password in the Password field.


·          Your User ID will expire after 90 days of inactivity.

·          Your Password will expire after 45 days. You can request for a new password.

3.      Click the Login button. The EBT Merchant page displays.


The EBT Merchant page displays links for each of the following sections that you have permission to view or update:

·          News

·          Help Topics

·          Documentation

·          Welcome (Displays the Update my profile and News Alerts - Read more links).

·          Services


The following tabs display in the EBT Merchant page:


·          Home

·          Services

·          Documentation

·          Help Topics

·          News


·          Click the required tab from any of the EBT Merchant page(s) to access, view, or update merchant information.

·          The merchant information and services displayed on the EBT Merchant Service page(s) are based on the permission(s) assigned by the security administrator.  

You can perform the following tasks in the page:

1.      Click the List All link next to the Services section to display the entire list of Merchant Services.

2.      Click the Open link next to the service in the Services section to display the desired Merchant Service.

3.      Click the ebtedge.com link at the top right corner of the page to display the ebtEDGE Main Portal Page.

4.      Click the Log Off link at the top right corner of the page to log out of the webADMIN application.


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